KNP Labs

Why does KNP exist?

At KNP, we are passionate about Startups. We love them. We love their ideas, their passion, their spirit.

But most startups have a hard time building their projects - because let's be honest: hiring, building and managing a good dev team is damn hard!

That's where KNP comes into play: we believe we provide the right environment for developers to thrive, which in turn makes projects a success.

We think the very specific environment we've built for developers (based on trust, improvement, fun and passion) and our different approach of customer relationship make us great partners for startups.

How does KNP work?

In order to fullfil our mission we aim to provide an awesome environment for our developers.

KNP was created in 2009 - 5 years ago - which means we've continously improved our approach to reach our goal:

  • we hire only smart+passionate people
  • we are part of an open-source community (take a look at our screencasts or our bundles!)
  • we base our management on trust and stay open-minded about opportunities
  • we continously, relentlessly improve ourselves and each other − and we love that!
  • we look beyond borders: despite behind a small team, we are present in 6 different countries

What does KNP offer?

Custom development + Consulting

We are Symfony2 experts - so let us help you, whatever you need.

Symfony2 Training

We have enough real world experience with Symfony (more than 5 years!) to be able to help others. It's going to be very exciting for you team, we promise!

Quality Screencasts

Our US team has been producing great PHP and Symfony2 screencasts: have a look at it if you're looking for Symfony2 tutorials!

Happy Awesome Jobs

  • France: Nantes, Lyon
  • Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkev
  • Serbia: Niš

Your contacts at KNP Labs

  • Laetitia WagnerManaging Partner, Founder

    Laetitia is a founder, a manager, a leader… and a toolbox.

    She has a combination of skills which give the right direction to KNP - every day:

    She leads but listens to people; She is smart but works hard; She encourages creativity but - as a former financial auditor - keeps KNP in the real world; She is a problem solver but she trusts people to learn from their mistakes.

    But more importantly, she loves being surrounded by an awesome team of nice, smart and passionate people. And she wants to take good care of them!

    She founded KNP in 2009, has worked on numerous projects as Agile Project Manager and has lived in France, North America and Switzerland to help the KNP group grow.

  • Matthieu BontempsCo-founder, Developer

    Matthieu is the company co-founder. He thinks a lot.

    He is always thinking about the day after tomorrow, to make sure it will bring us one step closer to our goal: to help startups and provide a thriving environment for our team.

    He has a MSc in Computer Science from one of the top French universities (INSA Lyon), a MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Birmingham, and is a former partner and lead-developer at Jiwa (Music On Demand).

  • Ryan WeaverHead of KNP Labs US, Partner & Symfony2 Consultant

    Ryan, American consultant and trainer extraordinaire. And a CEO who rocks.

    He loves quality, good practices, and writes unit test cases so he can sleep better at night.

    Ryan is a Symfony core member, in charge of the framework documentation.

  • Leanna PelhamKNP Labs US Partner & Project Manager

    Leanna is that project manager who always finds solutions with spectacular optimism.

    Technical project manager, Leanna is our American partner and efficiently manages KNP Labs teams and clients on US projects.

    She also organizes Symfony2 and Behat training sessions and talks throughout the US.