Symfony2bundles becomes KNP Bundles

Hey guys,

The symfony2bundles story

If you’re using Symfony2, chances are you already know KNP We’ve launched this service back in June 2010 to list all Symfony2 bundles – yes, hence the name.
Since then, lots of guys at KNP have spent some time on the project: ornicar, Herzult, stof, mbontemps, vjousse, Ryan…

And what a success!
Today symfony2bundles is THE unofficial list of bundles that thousands of people use every day all over the world.
Which is awesome, because we love the world.
And we’ve got great plans too: composer integration for example.

A new name to respect Trademarks

Today is a new day for symfony2bundles though.
Because today we will change the domain and service names to comply with the trademark policy…

If you like transparency, here is our whole reflection.
We’ve been asked by the company owning symfony to stop using the word “symfony” in a domain and a product name which promotes KNP Labs and is not owned by their company (to avoid confusion as stated in their trademark policy).

In order to be clean about it so, we had two solutions:

  1. Remove all mentions of KNP on symfony2bundles

    Because it’s right: Symfony2bundles has been helping us to let people know about our Symfony and Behat trainings.

    And removing all mentions of KNP would be like shooting ourselves in the foot. Which probably hurts and definitely spreads blood everywhere.

  2. Change the name and the domain name

    Well that’s probably not perfect.
    But the KNP team thinks that’s the best choice in the long run!
    And it definitely avoids any confusion…

So here is the new Knp bundles… and next time be more careful than us when you’re using an open-source trademark!

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