We ❤ Smart + Passionate Symfony2 Developers!

Join our awesome environement of great devs! We are currently hiring in 4 locations:

  1. Kiev / Киев (Ukraine)
  2. Kharkov / Харьков (Ukraine)
  3. Niš (Serbia)
  4. Remote developer (we only offer a remote Symfony2 job to mature senior developers)

Who are we?

We're a team of passionate Symfony2 developers who wants challenges, quality and fun colleagues with different cultures. We work for startups on Symfony2 projects.

  • WE:
    • we're about 20 developers. We really are a company of and for developers.
    • we have offices in France, Ukraine (Kiev/Kharkev), the USA, Serbia (Niš) and Switzerland. And that, my friend, is awesome.
    • we love our job, we love our code, and we love to continously upgrade ourselves!
    • that's our focus, folks. We don't do Rails, we don't do iOS, we focus on what we do best and what we love: Symfony2.
    • that's important! We test stuff, we respect coding standards, we try to use the right tools - Behat, PHPSpec2…
  • FUN:
    • we're nice people who love to learn and to have fun. That also helps us improve ourselves and each other. Our internal chat is filled by interesting questions, fun cultural comparison… and memes.
    • we create and contribute to great products related to the open-source. Projects like KNP University, KNP Bundles, the RAD Bundle.
    • our clients come from lots of interesting places: France, Switzerland, UK, US, Australia, Poland, Germany… you name it!
    • our customers are people who know they want some Quality Symfony2 code for their cool new idea.

− Also, we love bullet points.

So what about you?

Do you love Symfony2, even if you're not yet an expert? Are you passionate about nice code? Are you fun to work with and motivated? Are you a doer who gets the job done? Do you write and read english good enough? (if not, how come you're reading this sentence? You're weird.) Do you want to continously improve yourself and help others improve?

Get in touch by email at!

Talk to you soon!