Symfony2 Project

We are true Symfony2 experts.

What we can offer

  • We can build your project from scratch with Symfony2:

    • quality code
    • experienced developers
    • big and small projects
    • technical agile project management
  • We can help you take the right decisions:

    • architecture: how to structure
    • tools: what to use
    • QA: how to ensure quality
    • custom training
  • We can review your existing code to help you improve it:

    • we detect the most blocking issues with your code
    • we help your team grow
    • we assess the existing code

Why you should choose KNP

  • Experimented: look at our KNP University screencasts!
  • Specialized in Symfony2 only: we focus on what we do best
  • Trustworthy with open-source contributions like Behat or RAD
  • Aware of what to use/not to use: we're behind KNP Bundles
  • Knowledgeable: we're behind the Symfony2 documentation
  • Passionate: we hire only people you would want to work with
  • Quality developers: we care about your code
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