Behat training

The way to benefit from Behavior Driven Development


You're wondering how to write good users stories? How to write meaningful testing? How Behavior Driven Development increases efficiency and enhances communication within a team? How to write Behat features?


  1. Do not confuse TDD & BDD
    1. The TDD little story
    2. Limits of TDD
    3. BDD coming to the rescue
  2. Introducing Behat
    1. What's Behat
    2. Initialize a Behat project
    3. What's a Behat project made of?
  3. Getting started with Behat
    1. Do you speak Gherkin?
    2. Your first feature (congrats)
    3. Writing scenarios
    4. Let's try it together!
  4. The secrets of Behavior Driven Development
    1. How it works in real life
    2. Secrets to write good scenarios
    3. Tips to succeed in a project with BDD
  5. Introducing Mink: web app testing
    1. An API to rule them all
    2. Overview of the drivers: Goutte, Sahi, Selenium…
    3. Installing Mink
    4. Let's try it together!
  6. Associate Mink & Behat
    1. Adding the right sub-context
    2. Configuring Mink
    3. The Mink steps
    4. Let's try it together!
  7. Scenario Outlines
    1. Refactoring is good for kittens
    2. Using a Scenario Outline in the real world
    3. Let's try it together!
  8. Chaining steps
    1. Example
    2. Why it's good for your health
    3. Let's try it together!
  9. Hooks, captain!
    1. What's this about?
    2. The problem you couldn't solve
    3. Hooks coming to the rescue
    4. Let's try it together!
  10. Backgrounds
    1. The funny theory behind backgrounds
    2. Let's try it together!
  11. Describing and writing a full project using Behat


1 day
Contact us.
≤ 8 trainees
To know PHP
Available in the whole world.

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