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May 26, 2016


We <3 to create Symfony Applications, and with Action Connected, we had the chance to work for a company that supports NGOs, who help to do good!

Action Connected is a fundraising platform for donors and nonprofits, and one of its strong features is that beneficiaries have their own account and can show exactly how projects are making a difference for them and improving their lives.

Andrew, Yevhenii and Cécile worked on this project for 8 months and put online a smooth and smart MVP! The project was technically challenging because:

  • AC is a social network with unique type of users
  • We used complex ElasticSearch stuff
  • And yet AC is a CROWDFUNDING site!
  • Integrating and prototyping business models based on different payment systems, Braintree (Paypal), Stripe
  • Successful Martin Fowler Money pattern usage
  • We’ve also integrated database, so it has all countries and divisions in the world

And for the account manager it was challenging because:

  • It was the first web project for our Product Owner (our client), so we went full BDD and took the necessary time to describe the features as much as possible from the start.
  • Deal with different time-zones with the third parties like designers & front-end teams (US, India), we adapted our workflow so that the work from the night before was reviewed and validated first thing next morning.
  • We were working with third-party companies with different practices and standards, so we took some time to chat, call, and adapt communication.

A very international team, with our client traveling between Russia, Italy and the United States, design team in the West Coast of the United States, Front-End in India and our KNP Team in France, Ukraine and Russia.

What a network when put on a map :


This project was not always a smooth ride, but it was challenging and exciting! We kept going, maintained good communication with our client and could deliver! Congrats to the AC Team ! And many thanks to Action Connected and especially Simon for his trust in us and his availability throughout the project!

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Eve Vinclair-Berkemeier
Eve Vinclair-Berkemeier

People Manager @ KNPLabs

Scrum Mistress - AFOL at home and at work :D Helping hand for client projects and internal organization of our teams at KNP.