We love Symfony2… but we also love Agility and Node.js.

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May 16, 2011


May 17, 2011 − It's time to update our website to reflect our love for agility and Node.js… as we have been offering more and more of those two in the past months.

You probably know about our involment in the Symfony2 world:

  • We have released about twenty useful (we hope) bundles or libraries
  • Ryan (US office) is responsable for the documentation
  • We have been using Symfony2 from the early days
  • We offer Symfony2 training and development

Now you probably don't know that our team likes other things than Symfony2.
Because what we're trying to build here is more than just working with Symfony2.

Our goal is to:

  • work with the best developers around (and that's already the case)
  • have fun together on really good projects (yep, that's the case)
  • work with innovative technologies who bring something new to the table (like Symfony2, but there are others…)
  • work with the best methodologies to maximize team and client happiness

We believe especially in two things and we wanted to update our website accordingly.

Agile development

Vincent has recently written a very nice introduction to agile development - in french.

At KNP we strongly believe in Agile development and especially in Scrum.

We mostly work with start-ups on their projects, and we feel that it's even more important for this kind of project.

We have been working more and more the agile way and it really makes a positive difference in the end: better quality, happier client but also happier team.

We have also been training external team to agile and this is a succes: agile is good for your health.

Finally we feel that TDD and BDD are part of a good agile process − you perhaps know that we sponsor Behat, the BDD framework for PHP.

So if you're looking for agile development, let's do it together!


More and more technical clients are asking about this new tech.

Node.js is a really interesting framework when it comes to real-time (media startups…), high-availability and obviously event-driven development.
Javascript is also a very nice language when you forget about browser compatibility. Finally, developing with Node.js makes the team happy − and by now I'm sure you're aware we like that.

'Cause we have been developing with Node.js both for commercial and open-source projects (like with Vincent's friday initiative on github so that more people in our team learn Node.js) and we love this piece of tech!

There is an impressive community, some very nice packages and it's really a good choice for some projects (remember: the right tool for the right job…). So in the future we'll offer more Node.js development services to our clients!

And you, how do you feel about Agility and Node.js?

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