Focus on Features: Online Behat/BDD Bootcamp for the whole team

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Nov 18, 2012


Nov 19, 2012 − Before the year is over, kick your whole team into another gear with our online BDD/Behat Training!

The year is almost over, but we're still busy as ever! Now, I'm super excited to announce an online Behat training taught by Melissa Anderson (Drupal project manager extraordinaire) and me! Check out the details then read on for more! If you're looking to push your organization towards BDD, this is what you've been looking for.

Why BDD & Behat?

Ok, so building web-based apps and APIs is getting more and more complicated. And with a shortage of great developers, every organization faces the same problems of pushing innovation with limited resources. But if you think that development is the whole problem, you're missing half of the picture! Bad communication, cloudy business value for features, and a lack of meaningful tests cause even the most talented team to live below their potential. Does any of this sound familiar?

Behavioral-driven Development (BDD) + Behat to the rescue!

(BDD) is a philosophy that emphasizes a behavior-first dialogue that reaches through every part of your team: from product owners, project managers, to developers and QA. Behat and Mink are libraries that allow this new dialogue to be run as actual functional tests against your application! With BDD, your team will approach features with more focus, communicate with consistency, and get the immediate tangible result of functional tests! As a bonus, tests can be run in Selenium with a one-line switch!

Training Details

  • 5-day, online (2 hours per day) training: Dec 10th - 14th, 2PM - 4PM EST
  • The training is for everyone! We have a 5-person discount, so bring your project manager, QA people, developers, distant cousins, etc
  • No technical level needed (but technical stuff covered!)? Days 1-3 will be non-technical, but important for everyone (including developers!). Days 4-5 will be technical, but Melissa will lead a separate session in implementation planning for managers
  • Registration!

Sign up now and see you on Dec 10th!

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