First Symfony2 training in Warsaw

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Apr 25, 2012


Apr 26, 2012 − The time has come to announce our first training session that will take place in Warsaw. Get trained by the Symfony2 ninjas in the capital city of Poland!

As you probably know from our previous news, we offer our services also in Poland. That includes training!

If you are new to Symfony2 world and want to quickly get your hands in some real coding using this great piece of technology, you should definitely give yourself a chance to get trained by our ninjas!

Learn the basic concepts and ideas that are behind this awesome framework, get known with best practices, conventions and some neat tips from Symfony2 experts.

Our training program covers using Doctrine2, forms, validation and security components, templating with Twig, managing assets with Assetic, testing your application with Behat and even more!

Oh, but you already know some Symfony2? We're sure you'll find something interesting and new in our training program.

The training will take place in Warsaw, starting from 31-05-2012, it is 2 days long, 2 great days of learning and real coding! This won't be only a tech talk with some slides, you'll be using and improving your skills at the same time.

Check out our training information page to know the details and prices. Read our announcement in Polish!

See you in Warsaw!

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