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Mar 17, 2016


During our third Hackathon, Andrew, Albin, Flo and Saša took care of the most used KNP library : Gaufrette!

Their idea was to give some #LOVE to the existing project: Resolving issues, merging PRS and also to imagine some future killer features.

Find out what's new :

Summary of what the Team has done:

We enjoy working on this project. We are doing smoothly what was planned. Saša and Andrew are working on current status and improving it. I.E. Gaufrette is now built on Windows thanks to Appveyor CI. :D

IMG_9426 We created an adapter for Flysystem, which allows you to use any Flysystem adapter transparently on Gaufrette without any overhead.

Flo and Albin are working on the future version of Gaufrette : We will handle big files. This will be possible because the new API will be based on data streams, it makes Gaufrette faster and uses less memory. We had a cool time, because we encountered a lot of (facepalm) problems, and then we found the solution.

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