GeekWeek 2012 (1st edition) - Day 4

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Nov 5, 2012

Nov 6, 2012 − The Geekweek's over. After 4 days of team work, the last day was about twig extensions and security.

Last Friday was the last day of our special Geekweek. Apart from small enhancements, bug fixes and code refactoring, we've introduced some new conventions that will speed up your development and take your team on a new level of cohesion and peace of mind (how sexy that sounds, right?).

Just gimme my Twig extensions

In order to be able to use some Twig extensions, you first need to manually register it. How about putting your extensions in a directory and having the shit work automatically done for you? Put your extensions under src/App/Twig with class names ending with "Extension" and you're ready to go!


In the same spirit, we've done the same thing for voters classes. Put your *Voter classes under src/App/Security, they will be automatically declared for you.

What's next?

In what concerns this intense team-building project, the team considers it has achieved some highly satisfactory results. Still, these past few days, just after the GeekWeek, @Herzult has been currently proceeding to some polishings and the team is already thinking about further evolution.

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