KNP joins the HappyMelly movement

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May 10, 2016


It’s great that Happiness at work has become very important for innovating Startups and also traditional companies. We have always cared about our KNPeers, so we were really honored when Jurgen Appelo (Management 3.0 and #Workout) asked us to write a Happy Melly Case Story about KNP and naturally, we joined his Happy Melly movement. tumblr_lwsazawxa51qht847

That reminded us of an article we already published in 2013 on our Blog about Happiness and Work-Live-Balance.

Enjoy and ping @KNPLabs or @Evey_Online on Twitter if you want to know more about our Happiness Management at KNP Labs ;-)


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Eve Vinclair-Berkemeier
Eve Vinclair-Berkemeier

People Manager @ KNPLabs

Scrum Mistress - AFOL at home and at work :D Helping hand for client projects and internal organization of our teams at KNP.