KNP plays with LEGO

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Oct 23, 2013


Yes LEGO! The tiny, small, coloured and funny bricks of our sweet childhood :) Lego bricks Imagine you can "seriously" play at work and learn, without any intellectual effort, about the mysteries of SCRUM ;-)

This serious game is called Lego4Scrum, a Scrum simulation invented by my dear Alexey Krivitsky (@alexeykri) in 2009 and has a real success in the worldwide agile community. Playing Lego4Scrum gives the amazing possibility to everybody, from non-developers to hardcore ninja devs, from agile neophytes to agile coaches,  to enjoy the experience of several Scrum development cycles in less than two hours!

The abstract theory of Scrum is understood implicitly by playing the Scrum roles, celebrating the Scrum events and using the Scrum artifacts…

I already played with young PhDs of physics and chemistry, energetic entrepreneurs, experienced project managers and developers, teachers and students… some photos will show you how much fun we had!! And each session is a new adventure...

You want to try? Contact us for more information!

PS: Lego is a mix of the danish words "leg godt", which means "Play well"

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Eve Vinclair-Berkemeier
Eve Vinclair-Berkemeier

People Manager @ KNPLabs

Scrum Mistress - AFOL at home and at work :D Helping hand for client projects and internal organization of our teams at KNP.