KNPLabs at the Web SummerCamp in Croatia

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Aug 31, 2016


We are SummerCamp veterans !

Two years already that we have been going to the great WebSummerCamp in sunny Croatia, at Rovinj not far from Italy.

Web Summer Camp 2016

Last year, Ryan Weaver and Saša Stamenković presented two workshops about Doctrine and best practices. In 2014 it was a hands-on Behat workshop .

This year, you can join Flo and talk with him about “Using Behat and PHPSpec for emergent design with ubiquitous language“ and David will play a game with you during his session : “Let's play a game: No extends \o/. Advanced OOP with Symfony 3” Web Summer Camp   WebSummerCamp    Twitter Follow them on Twitter @docteur_klein and @davidjegat - send us your pics with them after their workshops!

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Eve Vinclair-Berkemeier

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