KNP Labs offers Behat and Symfony2 trainings in Japan

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Nov 30, 2011


Dec 1, 2011 − English: There is a growing interest in BDD, quality development, and Symfony in Japan. And also wonderful people. So from today KNP Labs is offering Behat and Symfony2 trainings in Japan - and in japanese! Japanese: 世界中で BDD、開発の効率化と品質向上(Quality Development)、および Symfony2 に対する関心が高まっており、日本の開発コミュニティでもこのようなテーマに注目が集まっています。 多くの要望を受け、日本での Behat と Symfony2 のトレーニングサービスを KNP Labs で開始いたします!


There is a growing interest in BDD, quality development, and Symfony in Japan. Follow 日本Symfonyユーザー会 or go to to discover other symfonians in Japan.

So when KNP Labs met Hidenori Goto and Atsuhiro Kubo − two japanese Symfony developers with a strong focus on quality − we decided that KNP Labs should offer its services in Japan with these two guys.

What is KNP Labs?

If you follow the Symfony or BDD community, chances are that you already know KNP Labs.

KNP Labs was founded 3 years ago in France with two goals:

  1. offer quality services in web development, consulting and training
  2. work with "Happy Awesome Developers": only hire extraordinary developers and give them great working conditions

It was a success.
Many well-known developers from all around the world have joined us: everzet (creator of Behat), ornicar (now a Scala guy), Ryan Weaver (lead author of the Symfony2 documentation), l3pp4rd (author of the DoctrineExtensions)…

We have chosen to specialize in Symfony (the great PHP framework for professionals) and Behat (the great BDD framework for PHP) and today we offer trainings, consulting and development services to companies in the US, in France, in Germany, in the UK, in Canada, in Israel, in Switzerland…

And we know what we're talking about: KNP Labs is the lead developer of Behat, the lead author of the Symfony2 documentation… and we've been developing and consulting with Symfony2 for more than 1 year now with great success.

We're very happy to announce that as of today we're offering those services in Japan − in Japanese of course!

See you soon in Japan!

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