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May 15, 2011


May 16, 2011 − With Ryan and Leanna (our two KNP US partners) being engaged, the US office has just become a more cohesive team… Congrats, guys!

Two years ago, KNP was created in France by Laetitia and myself.

Then a few months ago, we were lucky enough to find Ryan and Leanna, two awesome Nashville residents.

  • Ryan is well-known is the Symfony community for his work with the Symfony2 documentation.
  • Leanna − though not a developer − is also well-known in the Symfony community for her astonishing and communicative positive attitude (and also for being one of the 5 girls in it)

We immediately felt that we had to do something together and decided to create a KNP alter-ego in Nashville (TN) together.

Since then, Ryan and Leanna are doing a tremendous job developing (and painting) our new office, preparing Symfony2 training and offering Symfony development ; we're very proud to have them in the team!

So today I'm very happy to hear that these two are now engaged: congrats from the whole KNP team!

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