KnpRad is getting some love

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Oct 25, 2013


Hey fellow code knights!


As you may already have seen, if you follow the KnpLabs/KnpRadBundle or KnpLabs/rad-edition repositories, the effort made by all the contributors is paying! We discuss continuously about problems, improvements, bugs or features that could enhance the RAD development in the Symfony2 ecosystem.

Our daily work is to describe the existing features using behat. It could help the currently "light" docs to be more complete. We think about that as an addition to understand what is described on the site, but also as a way to "black box test" the rad bundle, independently from the rad-edition distribution. Some features have already landed in develop branch, ready to be tagged as stable!

  • allow multiple RAD bundles
  • simplify container extension point by allowing the bundle class to configure semantic config
  • CSRF protection by token in unsafe requests, when not protected by form's csrf
  • and many others!

Some others are still in the pipe, like a brand new routing loader. It should be more flexible and extendable than the precedent. Another point that we would love to ease is best practices. As says Uncle Bob, "The only way to go fast is to go well".

Which means that RAD should be renamed WAD: Well application Development :) If the only way to go fast is to go well, the RAD bundle should help to write code "well".

There are a lot of ideas yet to be implemented! It would be a huge gain to see them discussed! Feel free to leave your thoughts on tickets, or create new ones:

KnpRad needs more love. MOAR!

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Florian Klein
Florian Klein