KnpUniversity Question & Answer Day: March 27th, 2013

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Mar 18, 2013


Mar 19, 2013 − KnpUniversity Question & Answer Day: March 27th, 2013 Submit all your Symfony, Behat and PHP questions by March 27th, 2013 and we'll answer them. We're calling it KnpU Question/Answer Day - we're finally shutting up and doing the listening!

We want to hear all your darkest, dirtiest Symfony, Behat, PHP and anything else questions. We're calling it KnpU Question/Answer Day and it's your turn to ask questions and our turn to listen. Here's how it'll work:

You Ask Questions

Post your question to the KnpU Q/A Day Page as a comment by the end of Tue March 26th, 2013. Include all the ugly details you want, gists, awkward family photos - anything you need to explain your question. Just remember, this is all public, so keep your database passwords at home :).

We want to hear what technical questions and problems you're having in your real projects, and this is your chance to get them answered as best we can! Of course, you can really ask (or quiz) us about anything... we just can't guarantee we'll have an intelligent response!

We Answer Those Questions

On Wed, March 27th, 2013, we'll take over the KnpU Q/A Day Page page and start to fill in answers to your questions. Follow us on Twitter (@knpuniversity) for updates - we'll even ping you if you include your Twitter name with your question.

We'll do our best to get to everyone's questions, so give it a shot! And if you don't have a question, at least stop by and say hi to everyone in the comments.


<3 Your friends at KnpUniversity

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