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Oct 18, 2012


Oct 19, 2012 − Learn about new interesting features recently introduced to the KNP!

Bundle ecosystem activity

One of biggest new feature you can see on main page (but not only) is listing of recent activities recorded in bundle ecosystem. Now it's quite simple log, that covers only recent: commits and recommendations, but we want to make it much more bigger and greater to allow easier lookup of what's were done in recent days in Symfony2 ecosystem!

I see bundle, but can I use it in my project ?

Till now developer needed to answer this question on its own, which was sometimes hard. We noticed that, and decided that we need to allow easier lookup for what license was used in the bundle.

Now license for specific bundle is listed at bundle lists, as well as on the bundle information page!

Yet, we're not always able to detect what license is used in specific bundle, but we have added ability for bundle owners to set this information and help us make the world better place!

Search autocomplete introduction

It's not much to be said about that, just take a look!

Search autocomplete

Grab your own bundle badge!

In previous post we forgot to mention one of small, but seems for us nice feature - bundle badges. From now all your badges have a cool designed badge which you can put anywhere and give a boost to promote to see your bundle from huge list of other bundles.

But lets now dive a bit inside that badge generation. After you add a new bundle (or even if your bundle already published) at the, your bundle page should have a new right sidebar box called: Take your Badge, where displayed are two types of badges: Long and Short.

Badge box

Long Badge

As your see long Badge contain:

  • bundle scores, which your can see at the top right corner on the bundle page
  • bundle name (name will be trimmed if it's longer than 16 symbols, in nearest feature name will be split by two lines)
  • number of developers who recommended the bundle

Short Badge

Short badge

Just contain a scores bundle received.

Badge information updating

All types of badges will be regenerated once per day, so if your see that your bundle informations and badge have some differences no need to panic and write new issue, just wait till next day, because updates are done every day at late night.

Scoring FAQ

We have introduced the Scoring FAQ, which should cover most of your questions about how our internal bundle scoring system works, but if your question is not answered there, don't hesitate to open an issue and tell us about that!

Our API changes

HTTP API (yes, the KNP API is not RESTful, it never was...) was simplified internally and now supports only JSON. According to simplifications, we widely extended endpoints for API, also API documentation was updated to deeply cover all informations about them.

Community voice

In last post about KNP, we asked Symfony community, about which issue tracker we should use, just a quick reminder that those two were: GitHub issue tracker and public board on Trello.

Decision of community, we chosen GitHub and all not started cards from Trello were converted to issues at GH.

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