[Process] Lessons learned about Bus Factor (1/5): Introduction

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Sep 28, 2017


Source : Team Geek by Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick

At KNP, one of our key values is the constant wish to analyze and improve ourselves, our work and our relationship/communication with our customers. A few months back we identified a problem : how to maintain a project with a urgent need if the main developer is on holiday or, in this occasion, broke his ankle... As our customers have high business value applications, this point is critical for us. How to be sure the knowledge is shared? That someone else can easily install and understand how to split the code, how the key features are working? etc.

One year ago, during our bi-annual Hackathon, we all sat down and took a moment to discuss it. The result was what we are calling a "Bus Factor Moment". Why "Bus Factor" ? It is simply the idea of how many devs must be "hit by a bus" before your project is stuck (to stay polite...)

Yann, aka Einenlum on the web, describes it in a serie of 5 articles following his presentation at Berlin PHP Meetup. In the first article, Yann will explain what the Bus Factor consists in and why it is important.

Here is the link : https://dev.to/einenlum/lessons-learned-about-bus-factor-15-introduction-dl0 

Part 2 here!

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