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Sep 30, 2015


B3caYEHCYAE3e6E The PHPSummerCamp last September rang the start of the conference season and this year we have the chance to participate in A LOT of them! Here is the list of our next talks, workshops and interventions until the end of the year. If you are attending those conferences don't hesitate to come speaking to us! We hope that those talks will be filmed so that we can share it with you!

  • Agile Tour, Rennes (France) - October 9th - Eve, Pierre and David : Workshop on "Le BDD concrètement appliqué pour l'équipe de Dev et de Marketing"
  • SymfonyCamp, Kiev (Ukraine) - October 24th - Sasa : "Taking E-commerce Syliusly"
  • Symfony Live, San Francisco (USA) - October 29th-30th - Ryan and Leanna : "Guard Authentication: Powerful, Beautiful Security" + a lot of goodies from KNP University.
  • EZ Publish Conference, New York (USA) - November 3rd, 4th & 5th - Ryan and Leanna : Workshops and Talk : "To Symfony3 and Beyond!".
  • Agile Testing Days, Potsdam (Germany) - November 09th-12th - Sasa : "Story BDD with Behat" - and Florian : Workshop: "Patterns for Continuous Delivery, a developer point of view".
  • Symfony Con, Paris (France) - December 3rd-5th - Ryan and Leanna : "Symfony: Your next Microframework" and "Maitres de Cérémonie".

And if you see one guy with a KNP-cat T Shirt in a conference (PHP Forum in Paris), don't hesitate to say Hi! - we will attend to other conferences in the following months! IMG_20140904_123203261

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Laetitia Bontemps

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