Symfony Camp UA 2012: a great success!

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Dec 6, 2012


Dec 7, 2012 − As you know KNP Labs is an International team and our Kiev office (located in Kiev city center) is just back from the biggest annual Symfony conference held in Kiev. And not just a visitors, but as co-organizers, sponsors, speakers and trainers.

As you know KNP Labs is an International team and one of our first office in CIS - located in Kiev сity center - is just back from the biggest annual Symfony conference held in Kiev. And not just a visitors, but as co-organizers, sponsors, speakers and trainers.

You know that KNP Labs team provide great Symfony trainings and it's what we did at SfCampUA: we had several training sessions before and after the conference. This was a great experience both for us and for participants. We did not just discuss about symfony, but about the whole process which takes place in web developing. And we tried do bring KNP Labs team experience to the guys from Ukrainian companies which just wants to start be awesome!

SfCampUA day from morning to the evening

As I mentioned before I'm proud to say that we were a General sponsor of the conference, because one of our goal is to bring edge technologies to this part of the world and be a part of it.

So let's go! SfCampUA took place in the Kozatzkiy Hotel at the city center just on Independence Square. It really is a beautiful place.

KNP Labs Team arrives

First of all we were amazed by how much people came there. More than 200 participants! Some people came from a great distance to get the conference like a 30 hours in train Saratov - Kiev... Who is ready to repeat it? :)

Saratov - Kiev - 30 hours

First speaker is KNP Labs, ta-da-da-da!

So meet the two Alex in our team in the photo below: Torchenko aka torchello and Demchenko aka pilot (that would be me!). Alex started talking about KNP Labs during 5 minutes but without mentioning he was talking about KNP Labs at all :), so I had to ping him: "Man it's time to raise the curtain and say who these great guys are!".

Torchello and Pilot

Now to our next next speaker. You probably know him - but it seems nobody ever saw him live. No picture. It is my pleasure to introduce mister Józef Bielawski aka stloyd, a KNP Labs symfony2 ninja from Poland, yeah! He came to Kiev from Poland and he was the only one from all our speakers with a lecture in English.

It was the first we were having a talk in English at sfcampua - and also a great stress for stloyd! But Józef bravely stood the test of his speech! Of course me and everet helped him prepare by grabbing a beer and examining his report until 5am ;)


So my advice: carefully memorize stloyd (photo above), 'cause next time you see him is next year :)

Of course I just have to say a word about Konstantin Kudryashov aka everzet, my best friend from KNP Labs France... and just a good guy. His report about our new tool in testing world PHPSpec2 with live coding was like a heavy artillery, and some times during his speech we heard "Fck how can it be?", "So easy?! I do not believe it!", "Piter did you see this? We should use it in our mega cool project urgently!"


PHPSpec2 live coding


All speakers and organizer team

Symfony Camp UA gathered together great guys from several countries: Ukraine, Russian, Belarus, France, Poland, Moldova.

We want to mention the great reports from:

  • Kirill Chebunin about layered architecture,
  • Alex Lissachenko about AOP in PHP
  • Alex Korotkov about hstore in PostgreSQL
  • Oleg Zinchenko and Dmitry Petrov with REST API most detailed reports
  • Roma Lapin about HTTP Cache с Symfony2
  • Semyon Velichko and EventDispatcher greatest cheer report

Here is a photo of those guys!

All Symfony CAMP UA 2012 team

At the end we spent some great time with the KNP Labs team from Ukraine, France and Poland and of course with all the other guys/girls (ya-ya, there was a girl too)... and we can confirm that with the photos below where we all grabbed a great beer during the after party!

After Party

Found a girl!

After Party

Sad stloyd does not want to leave Ukraine :)

Sad stloyd

That was a really great day, and it's a pity that it ended!

You will find all infos, slides, videos and more photos at the

See you next year!

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