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Sep 5, 2014


We’re proud to announce the release of KnpMenu version 2.0! KnpMenu illustration

What's new ?

  • New options, checkout the new options in our updated documentation
  • New code organization : KnpMenu is more extensible than before
  • You can easily manipulate your menu thanks to the new class `MenuManipulator`
  • We follow the new version convention - semver - in order to improve the comprehension of versionning on KnpMenu : Don't be scared about backward compatibility breaks, they will be only on major version !

To learn more about what's new and what changed, we recommend you to read the CHANGELOG file on the project.

KnpMenu is hot !

Right now, KnpMenu is one of the most used lib in the PHP environment. It’s used by:

And many more projects. We are working closely with our users in order to constantly improve your KnpMenu experience.


Of course, KnpMenu is nicely integrated to Symfony thanks to our KnpMenuBundle, which we also maintain. But did you know that it can be easily integrated to Laravel too ? Also, KnpMenu is still compatible with Silex thanks to a Pimple integration.

What's next ?

In parallel with maintenance, we’re working on the following things:

  • Layout performances improvement, since KnpMenu is made to build big and dynamic menus, performance is crucial and we’re working on it !
  • Adding documentation to undocumented features
  • New renderers (You can check out the PR about breadcrumbs renderer)

We hope you’ll like our work ! Special thanks to Stof, he’s always there to share advice.

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Maxime Veber
Maxime Veber