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Aug 12, 2013


Aug 13, 2013 − With Paweł leaving KNP, Sylius project page has moved to, as is now dedicated to Commercial Services we're offering for Sylius.

A few months ago, we announced our collaboration with Paweł Jędrzejewski (Sylius lead developer) and Saša Stamenković (best Sylius contributor) to help with the development of Sylius, the infamous ecommerce for Symfony2.

And let me tell you that this has been quite a success for Sylius. More and more collaborators have collaborated despite the holidays (thank you Liip for organizing a Hack Day!), More and more companies have been using it in production, And people are really enthusiastic - we love that!

We're convinced more than ever that Sylius is the way to go - although we all know there IS a long way to go to make that happen! Sadly, during this period, Paweł finally decided to continue the development of Sylius on his own without KNP's support. As you can imagine this decision was quite unexpected for us… but hey, that's life, we understand that he wants to leave for his own adventure and we wish him good luck!

But now, what does that mean for us? Three things!

  1. Paweł has released a new new Sylius website - That's the official project page now!
  2. Our team will of course continue to use Sylius, contribute to its development and spread the word. Anybody interested in a KNP University tutorial? Our very own Saša is still part of our great team, working from Serbia where we want to open a physical office (ping us if you're both Serbian and interested!).
  3. We will continue to offer professional Commercial Services for Sylius projects, now under the name "Sylius Enterprise". This packaged offer is our way of helping ecommerce teams bootstrap their Sylius project by:
  • training their developers (in French, English, Russian or even Serbian), helping them make the right decisions
  • offering them advices and consulting to bootstrap and architecture the project - while using best practices
  • supporting their team while they build an awesome ecommerce will now be dedicated to this commercial offer only - again, the project page has moved to

Sorry for the inconvenience, and let's all contribute to making Sylius a great piece of code, useful to all of us!

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