The story of an ecommerce for Symfony2

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Mar 31, 2013


Apr 1, 2013 − We're excited to launch our new website and announce that KNP Labs will officially support the project!

Hello world! We have 2 great pieces of news for you today!

Short story

I started Sylius approximately two years ago and since then I've worked on it entirely in my free time. Just like with any other open source project - this wasn't easy.

With a lot of help from guys like Saša Stamenković and other awesome contributors - we've been able to get to the point where Sylius can really help you with your project.

Getting to the next level with KNP Labs

Now, we want to go further by providing a really good - and developer friendly - ecommerce system. Achieving this goal requires a lot more resources than our pure passion. When I started searching for a solution - I didn't need to look far. We're joining forces with KNP Labs!

What does it mean for Sylius? A smooth flow of KNP experience into the project, more time for development, maintenance and documentation, as well as custom app development and consulting services.

If you already know KNP Labs, then you know this is a serious thing! They've already invested a lot into open source initiatives around the Symfony2 world like KNP Bundles and long list of widely used libraries.

New website

One of our first steps was to replace old and simple website with something fresh, professional and interesting for newcomers. And here it is, our brand new, together with a new logo for the project, which we've already teased on twitter.

We hope you like it and that it answers your most common questions - Why Sylius? and How to get started? And a big "thank you!" to all my friends who built this website!

State of the project and future

Documentation, documentation, documentation... is our priority for the coming weeks. While our bundles are usable and have already been battle tested in real projects, we also have Sylius app, built from those bundles.

We've moved development out of the sandbox app and into a much cleaner and more reusable main application. Currently we have ~300 Behat scenarios with 2600 steps and counting. We already have much more functionality than the old sandbox, but there is a lot of work left to do, mostly in terms of UX, theming and payments gateway handling.

And of course, we want you to join us and be listed on our super-cool community page! We warmly welcome all contributors - we can do great things for PHP community together!

Exciting times!

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