Top 5 wide spread knp-libraries in the PHP/Symfony community.

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Oct 28, 2013


Nowadays there are such things like github and social coding exists. Plenty of code lines are contributed each day. Open-source communities continue to build great products. We do the same at KNP, our past contributions are well-known in the Symfony ecosystem. Today I’d like to summarize our work and post a list of the most used KNP libraries.

1. Gaufrette

Github: 804 stargazers and 157 forks.

Packagist: lib - 142k downloads, bundle - 80k downloads.

Gaufrette is a storage agnostic filesystem abstraction layer. It offers a simple object-oriented API to abstract both, filesystems and files. This means that you get the same fluid API, whether your filesystem is local, on Amazon S3, or anywhere else.

2. Snappy

Github: 623 stargazers and 72 forks.

Packagist: lib - 65k downloads, bundle - 48k downloads.

Snappy provides an interface for capturing html pages in a format such as png or pdf, it wraps wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage — an excellent webkit-based tool available on most operating systems. It will be rather useful if you are going to build invoicing system with pdf export or hosting control panel with sites thumbnails.

3. KnpMenu

Github: 337 stargazers and 127 forks.

Packagist: lib - 309k downloads, bundle - 321k downloads.

If you are used to Symfony2 you should have used this library at least once. As you can assume by its name, KnpMenu is created with one goal — to provide an interface for building menus, and it will save you a lot of time. You don't believe me? Check Symfony CMF, they are using it as the main menu tool.

4. KnpPaginator

Github: 295 stargazers and 113 forks.

Packagist: lib - 170k downloads, bundle - 192k downloads.

Another tool that makes a developer’s life easier — a paginator. KnpPaginator is shipped with Doctrine ORM, Doctrine ODM, Propel ORM and Solarium adapters. It is very extendable and customizable.

5. Github PHP API client

Github: 228 stargazers and 185 forks.

Packagist: 11k downloads.

A simple object-oriented wrapper of Github V3 API. A great set of tools gives you the power of Github. We are using it on our project for fetching bundle-related infos.

Special thanks to all our contributors for their support and our users for their help and bug reports ;)

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