Symfony developer for on site missions

You’re going to be proud to contribute to challenging projects by temporarily joining teams which need you.

What you’re going to do at KNP

Initial training

You’re first invited on our Nantes premises to meet the team and find out about the KNP dev methods.


You choose with us a well defined mission to help a nice startup/SME in Paris/Paris area.

Joining the team

You’ll be working from the client’s premises in order to maximize communication with the client’s team.


You’re not a resource, but someone who’s listening, advises and brings solutions as an experienced coder.


Symfony + friends (Behat, RabbitMQ, Mongo, AngularJS…)


You always stay connected with us thanks to our KNP chat. If you need any technical opinion, advice on a technological choice, or just to ask what the weather is like in Tennessee or in Serbia, it’s there.


You code, create, pair-program, listen and advise on your project.

KNP HacKathon

You’re invited by KNP in a cool place every trimester for an all expenses paid HacKaton week, training workshops, Beer Coding and passionate discussions.


You can choose your next abroad mission (London, Zurich, Berlin…) if you want to explore the world.


  • You don't need to be a Symfony killer, but you like to learn and you learn quickly.
  • You've got a taste for well written code and well managed projects.
  • You're neat, positive and optimistic.
  • You really want to progress at KNP and learn from others.
  • You understand and write English, and you're interested in a very international atmosphere (French is a big plus, obviously, if you want to work in France…)
  • You're not a superstar with a super ego.

For the rest, we're open-minded, let's talk about it!

KNP, Happy Awesome Developers

KNP is a company which mainly consists of human beings. Seriously, your colleagues are really nice people. The best thing to do is to learn about our KNP vision and culture to see if we can hit it off!

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