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KNP's offices

  • Paris, Symfony4 Freelance Contracts

    Paris Symfony4 Freelance Contracts

    KNP was founded in Paris in 2009.
    We offer missions, trainings or development from our premises.
    We are actively hiring future Happy Awesome Developers in Paris !

    61 Rue Traversière
    75012 Paris, France
    +33 (0)2 85 52 60 25
  • Nantes, Symfony4 Development

    Nantes Symfony4 Development

    Nantes is the cradle of the KNP Development Agency.
    This is also where we organize trainings for the whole group.

    11 Rue Kervégan
    44100 Nantes, France
    +33 (0)2 85 52 60 25
  • London, Berlin, Geneva, Vancouver, Zurich…, Symfony4 Freelance contracts

    London, Berlin, Geneva, Vancouver, Zurich… Symfony4 Freelance contracts

    We’re starting to offer on-site freelance contracts in different locations to our adventurous developers.
    Contact us to make something happen!

    +33 (0)2 85 52 60 25
  • Nashville, USA

    Nashville USA

    Nashville is known to be the cradle of country music but it’s also the cradle of KNP University, our online PHP training website with screencasts.
    KNP University is actively developed by the famous Ryan & Leanna.

    1312 5th Ave N, Suite 110
    Nashville TN 37208