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KNP' Symfony4 Freelance Developer Adaptable. Pragmatic. Passionnate.

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Paris, Europe, World
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− We adapt

Do you already have something that is working just fine?
Do you already have great Project Managers?
Let's use that instead of forcing our way upon you!

At KNP, we adapt to your situation.

− We are pragmatic

Tests and Continuous Integration are for your project.
But sometimes, "a working car is better than a Ferrari in the garage", so we prefer a realistic smart approach where we always keep the endgame in mind.

At KNP, we use quality as a mean to an end,
not as a dogma.

− We are passionate

We work in a great positive atmosphere where our goal is to - really - help.
At KNP, we're not "resources" but developers who want to listen to you and come up with solutions.

At KNP, we work in a great positive atmosphere.

Our availability

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