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Training goals

Analyze your needs, train each participant to implement agile tools in your company. Provide your team with the will and the tools to bring a project to success.

Detailed contents

After being introduced to agile values and principles, your team will “play” to Lego4Scrum, a serious game that helps your team bond by simulating mini-iterations on a project.

This serious game will be followed by a brainstorming session, a Sprint Review, and a Backlog creation workshop. During these activities, your team will analyze your project’s strengths and elements to improve, and learn how to apply agile methods with your project.


This training is designed for either development teams or management teams.

If the training is held in the Client's premises, we require for the Client to provide a separate room for the training to take place, big enough to accommodate all participants and the trainer, for the whole duration of the training. A video projector or wide screen TV must be provided so that the participants can see the trainer's laptop computer screen. A paperboard or white board would be much appreciated.

Training course

  1. Agile Roles and events

  2. LEGO for Scrum : Serious game about implementing SCRUM

    1. Teaches what is expected of each role

    2. SCRUM events example practice

    3. Debrief about SCRUM experience

  3. Brainstorming: how to apply agility in your company

    1. Organisational structure and its barriers

    2. Adapting to everyone’s constraints

    3. Finding the right methodology meets everyone’s expectations and constraints

  4. Coaching about Review + Retrospective events of the previous Sprint

    1. Participate to the demo of the real sprint that just ended

  5. Backlog creation workshop (Product Team)

    1. How to create a Backlog, as a Product Owner

    2. How to create User Stories

    3. Review by developers to find the best way to discuss about a feature

  6. Coaching about Sprint Planning event

    1. Participate to the next sprint’s Planning

  7. Brainstorming and conclusion

    1. Identifying remaining barriers

    2. Define a course of action

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