Get ready to do some hands-on coding.
You're going to learn a lot.

Symfony4 Training From novice to ninja

"Yes, we're going to go through A LOT, so bring your best game and get ready to do some hands-on coding." − Ryan Weaver, Symfony core member, lead author of the official doc, awesome trainer at KNP Labs

The training will follow two basic philosophies:

You're going to code. This isn't a two-day speech, there are no textbooks and no tests. You're going to be coding the whole time so that you've physically done everything we cover. So, bring your A-game and rest your weary fingers...

You're going to build something real. Theory follows practice. Yes, when you leave you will understand security, the service container, Twig, forms and lot's more. But not because we studied the API (yawn), because we built something real that you can take home with you.

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