Diving into Docker Live Coding Session

Missed our Live Coding Session “Diving into Docker” last Friday?
Don’t be sad, it’s available here:

Diving into Docker, Part I

If you want to go a bit further, here is some lecture from Docteur Klein – yes, the guy who animates the Live Coding Session.

Docker automated builds, dynamic Dockerfiles, and me (How to auto-build different versions of a Dockerfile)
http://docteurklein.github.io/2015/01/11/docker-auto-builds-and-me/ and

Docker container IPs and varnish ACL (How to resolve IRL problems developers encounter with docker networking)

And an insider tip as the cherry on top:

Copy data from host to a running container
Just pipe it! The UNIX way baby


cat $file | docker exec -i $container_id tee $file

Note that the container needs tee installed.

Okay, that all is great, but if you still feel like CNFLc3IWEAAJgws (1)

Get started with: Docker container to get started with Symfony 2.7 LTS, MySQL and more…

And then visit our next Live Coding Session Friday 18th September – same hour, same place: Diving into Docker, Part II. We will show you some practical tricks for Docker installation.